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Peter Jones Engineering Limited


Our capacity covers turning and milling from the simplest levels through to complex multi axis setups.  We have twin spindle multi turret mill/turn machines, sliding head machines and complex fully equipped 4 axis mills with probing and high speed options.

Recently we have added three robots to our capacity, two mill assists loading our fastest CNC mills and a Turn assist loading a Biglia twin spindle machine.  These are maximising the work flow from these machines enabling faster more consistent throughput of work.

We have OneCNC software enabling us to transfer complex imported 3d files into CNC code.  This also give us the ability to view the part as the designer has seen it. Correct, first time.

ISO9001:2015 Verified by BSI

A proven supplier shipping parts straight to production lines for assembly, kamban, netban, stocking and shipping to your requirements.

Capability and space to assemble and ship.

The experience, organisation and management commitment to make it happen.

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